Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Like Toy Soldiers

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I try to always hide it..but in the end it always shows,it doesn't matter how far you planned it only matters how far you actually go...so you do your distance and you do your time and don't pay any attention what they got, just have the mindset that All Can Be Mine,And With A Little Bit Of Hope,You'll Start To See The Light,And If You Get Broken Just Carry Your Pieces To The Fight,But What Are We Fighting Anymore,Nothing Else Makes Sense,Whats The Point Of Working Our Ass's Off If In The End Your Buried With Not Even A Cent,So I Pick Up The Bible,Head To Church To Hope Pray,And Repent,Then I Feel The Foreclosure Sign On My Life,I Guess Love Enough Can't Pay The Rent,But We Got All This Time Spent,Going For Better And For Worse,Sometimes I Feel Being The Nice Guy In A Bad World Is Having The Real Curse,But Everyday I Still Get Up And Be Me,Doing The Little Good I Do,Not Know If Anyone Will See,And If They Did...Would They Even Care,My Tears Can Speak The Truth But I Know You Don't Wanna Hear,So I Look What's Left Of It,Trying To Find A Spare,But Having A Heart With The Heartless Is Turning Out So Rare,And Giving To Those Who Wouldn't Give Back Are The Ones To Ask Us To Share...
But I'll share a piece with you and in my poems I always do,you get the real me,the one that's always around people is sometimes the one who looks in the mirror to ask them self'Who Are You?,And if the clock stopped spinning today would you be happy with your life?Can you hold the person hand you love and be a good wife?or on the other hand,your the man,you sit and watch the wrong but when you see right do you make a stand?Im searching for the answers since chaos needs no plan,starting to really think their must be a life after death since they seems to be none on land,wonder how different things would be if every plane that took off always got a chance to land.......damn
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