Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I Get Lonely Too..

I Get Lonely Too....

Some say the eyes are the window to the soul,
So if thats true,when you look into the eyes of some one who hurt you...would all you see is coal?
Since I know some people like to act dark and cold
when really deep down inside they are just patiently waiting for that one person to hold,
but keeping on going,lets not pause
when your doing something positive,why allow your ears to hear hate besides hearing the applause
No matter who's clapping,even if its just your mom or your dad...sister or brother...family member or friend
Just keep on shining like the sun does..until you reach 'the end'
if you still cant hear the clapping,then just clap for yourself
I try telling all my friends this...but its true....happiness really does lie within ourself's
If you get lonely...and start to lose sight
just close your eyes,because when your trapped in the darkness so long,once you come out everything seems bright

Maybe not today,tomorrow..or even next year
But one day....one day,you will find that special peer
that person who will amaze you just by how much they care
that you never gotta to ask for nothing,they are already willing to share
and when you find that person,treat them like a shooting star....cuz they're rare
We all get lonely too...so don't focus on that,just focus & cherish the moment someone finally rescues you from there...


  1. That's very nice and inspiring. Needed it.

  2. Damn good.Very relieving.

  3. We are all human and share the same emotions..........

  4. One year and three days later, this still hits home for me.

  5. daron aka watsonJuly 13, 2012 at 8:01 AM

    your so gifted don't stop writing inspiring