Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cold World

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It's a cold world when you by your
by yourself,

When not even one of these millions of antidepressant 
can help,

But what are you suppose 
to do,

When none of these twisted signals make up 
a correct clue,

Staring at the always 
moving sky,
wondering why,then you start to lose that
sparkle in your eye 

Everything starts to lose
it's meaning

Wish you could wake up,but your not
even dreaming

Put your hand's up,feel the wind blow
sometimes a door closes in your life because of an open window
so another chance,another opening,some where to escape
look in the mirror and see the only thing your unable to escape
too much,nah not even close to enough on our plates
is it just me or do we get robbed of our fate's
one day take a rocket...and lets blast off to space
~you always told me you wanted to see the moon...but now that we're apart...I just dream to see your face~
And just incase
I lose all my memories,I'll keep you somewhere they cant erase
That's my heart,it's staring to feel warm now...
I think we found out perfect place(*) 
in each other arms....on Dec 8th
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