Thursday, June 21, 2012

Piece Of Heaven..

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'So here you go..
As long as you hold on,I will never let you go'

They give me a piece of heaven...then they always take it away
Now she's already leaving..and I don't know what to do..or what to say
Why does life always get this way..
When it feels like there is nothing you can do...even if you pray..
I couldn't didn't feel right
With you, I saw the stars throughout the day...and saw the sun at night
Already left with memories...that's all I will have left
I'm look at the mirror seeing all that is gone...and what is left..

Someone that felt true...something that felt new
I have the perfect gift...that I want to give for you
Just one more thing before you go away...
Off you go...but in my heart you will stay
Too far...and too soon
Heard your leaving in July...and it's already the end of June
But I want you to shoot for the if miss...your dreams will land on the moon
Been spinning so much lately..feel like my minds been in a typhoon
My only scoop of happiness...Now there taking away my spoon

I think about it...I think about it all the time
Why do some things go missing...and why are other things so easy to find
These people I meet...they come & go
Some I can understand...but some I just don't know

Looking at your picture and so many beautiful things I see..
We all lose so much...but then again the best things in life are suppose to be free

Seems I lost track of whats been going on...
Everything right..just went wrong
But these are the moments you need me the most..So I promise to stay strong

'Distance may rip us apart...but the miles that separate us are nothing
compared to how close we are in heart'

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  1. I cried when I read these words. No matter what "AR"!

    I'll be an email away, or a Skype session. We will have our blogs and keep in touch everyday I promise