Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pleasure or Pain

(Happy Birthday Nathan)

A million of steps,but where are we going??
Your actions paint a picture everyday,so what are you showing??
We hold on to feelings that makes it harder to move on
Letting go of someone isn't the hardest thing,its knowing the fact that they are gone

Sometimes I wonder If only I can see certain things,
and why do people love to answer the call when trouble rings
cant they see how much damage one stupid response can bring
being happy takes a commitment,while lust is just a fling

So do you have what it takes,or would you fold under pressure
and even when they try  & size you up,it will never be precise since..
a person's inner thoughts & feelings is something they can never measure

One person's trash....may equal to another persons treasure
Never stay with someone who brings you pain
Always wait for the one that brings you fulfillment & pleasure.....

Never ever stay with someone who causes you pain
Just wait for the one who brings you pleasure..

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