Monday, April 4, 2011

Light Dreams

Hard to sleep when you worry about everything,
Easy to lose faith when you seem to lose everything,
Here today,gone tomorrow so does life even mean anything,
But all hope is not gone,remember you can turn one dollar into anything,
So we close our eyes and have light dreams,since nothing is what it seems,
Wake up the next morning,trying to chase our life dreams at any means,

Feels like you have to be perfect for people to stay around,feels like nothing moves right,the earth just continues to spin around,
Wish life would just slow down,and for things to to stay up and not go down,
Hardest part about it is to be close to the one you love,but your hearts never gets to make a sound,
Some of us 'beat quiet' and keep our light in the dark,While the rest lose control,act recklessly & behave like we live with no heart,

Life's harsh,but we all have to pay the price but can we afford the cost?
A lie to the the truth,how far would you go, You don't have to love in words,since your actions will always show,
But what will we do when all the time has stop?When all the birds flying high will just suddenly drop,
Then the internet goes off forever & never comes back,and for us to 'make it there' we have to work together and follow a map,

A map that would lead us to the answers to everything,
Right in front of the golden gates where you can have everything,
Where you can throw your worries & no longer have to worry about anything,
Because our love will be at the highest value,so we will not hurt or harm anything,

I open my eyes,guessed I was having light dreams,but you know what they say,nothing is what it seems,
Just another day we hustle hard,to one day be able to live out our dreams at any means....


  1. I just came across your blog while looking for a graphic... but your thoughts sound just like a book in the bible. It says almost the exact same thing till the last verse.

    Hope all is well.

    - Lukas