Thursday, October 31, 2013


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You bring me up..
But you still hold me down
You're always still there..
Even when no one else is around
Without you,I would probably float away
I guess I need you more than I think..what more can I say
I'm drawn to you..I'm not even sure why
They say 'seeing is believing' ,I guess that can sometimes be a lie
We don't know what we have until it's gone
Taking you for granted for so long,why is it so easy to do wrong
When will you finally let me go..
I'm not sure if that's really an answer I really want to know
The day you disappear,my entire world will change
I guess when that happens..we will finally understand the word strange
You're one of the greatest things that has happened to me..
I would say your name..but I'd rather mouth it silently
Just want to continue seeing you,move along the journey of life..happily 

I just want to say thank you,thank you for everything
You always gave me so much,even when I didn't give back anything

We lose
But we also gain
We feel pleasure
But we also feel pain
We all live to die
But still some aren't treated the same
We love & we hurt
But in the end will it all be worth?
We give & we take
But at the end of day..decisions are only ours to make 
We may fail
But it's important to try
We cry & we smile
But don't worry about a thing,great thing sometimes take a while
We say hello & we say goodbye
But there isn't a moment,when I wouldn't want to see your beauty in front of my eye
We all have to play this game
But we sometimes lose
Not even gravity can hold you back..
Your destiny is yours to choose..
So be something great
Not matter what they's never too late
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