Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Bed Peace

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Finding peace within ourselves is sometimes the hardest thing to find
We all have those nights where we can't sleep because thoughts keep running through our mind

No heartbreak last forever
Things might break,but that's only for better things to come together

Today might suck,but tomorrow will be better
Would tattoo the entire alphabet for you,yeah every letter

And now things are so strange,the miscommunications are multiplying  
I just want for us to be on the same page

Why won't anyone else express how they really feel
I'm slowly learning how to love myself,maybe now I can heal

Stop caring what people think..
To be honest..most people don't think

Be who you want to be,love what you want to love
Kiss in the rain,play in the mud

Life is about the simple things,we sometimes expect too much
Take your time to appreciate the little things,why are we always in a rush

Likes are cool,but you know what's better
A hug or a gentle touch

So I hope this is touching you..
I always try to run away..but I know that's not the right thing to do

So I'll embrace all the love & the hurt
We're all different, but sometimes the tiny bit of difference can make things work

Only you can say what's your true worth
I only want you to have happy tears,like the moment of a babies birth

Before I end this poem,I just want to say I hope you find peace
We all have something special inside us,it just take sometime to release 
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