Tuesday, October 15, 2013


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And it's like only this can bring me to a place where I'm calm
A safe haven where no one can see all that I did wrong
A place where I feel I finally belong
The only question I ask myself..is why did it take this long

Tomorrow never comes,it always slips away
Sometimes I wonder if certain people truly believe in the things they say
It really doesn't mean much anyway.. unless they're promoting love or a better way
Been told too many times..to just relax..everything will be okay

Trying to stay away from the norm
They only teach us what they want us to learn
It's like our hearts were meant to be torn
The ones who play with fire eventually get addicted to the burn

And I'm gone..So sorry I'm gone 
In my dreams..you always come along
In a weak society where only the ones with money & power are strong
Looking forward to the day,when the ones at the top are finally gone

I'm going to make some mistakes along the way so don't hate me
Wondering if God took more or less time to create me
How far am I away from marriage & a baby
On this pursuit to happiness..hoping I get there safely

They don't understand..and the probably never will
Most of them don't want anything to change,the believe it's okay to lie & kill
And the doctor's now a days only want to treat you with a shot or a pill
Little do they know,the more artificial things will put in our body..the more we get ill

So much things to change,just so little time
I'm learning to remove all the restrictions that were placed upon my mind
They say everyday there is a secret sign
Leave tomorrow in the future and the past all behind

Sometimes I think she's too good to be true
Learned from the past I'm better off locking up my heart & throwing away the key too
I can't live thinking of what if,so this time that's something I won't do
Seen a lot who are just reckless with their bodies,but I know they're some worthy few
So this goes out to you..

Miserable people will do anything to destroy a good thing
It has nothing to do with you..but who they are within
Some are just uncomfortable in their own skin
Some just belittle others as a sick way to fit in
But what they don't know is in the end they won't win
Because when they look in the mirror,their light inside will be so thin
They won't shine as bright as you
You don't know what you got until it's gone,just thought I should remind you.,.
And I never was good with saying goodbyes
Hate looking people in the eyes
The only ones who know,are the ones who try
Live your life in a way,that you will have no regrets..when it's time to say goodbye..
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