Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Holding on to a Dream..

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Holding onto this dream..
But I'm not sure what it really means..
It seems our feelings keep getting lost in between..
Of course we all have eyes..but just how many of us are truly ever seen..
Seen for who we are..not who just they label us to be..
The biggest illusion is that we live in a society that's free..
I just want for everyone to be happy in the end..with a soul that's far from empty..
They will take whatever they can...they will take it all if you let them..
And for the ones who go before me...I will never forget them...
We use this world 'Love' so lightly...and so often..
But the only two times you truly experience love is at the time of birth or at the stare at a coffin..
It's only 2013..
And I'm still holding onto this dream..
Is anything really what it seems..??
I just want to make it with my team..
I just want to find that somebody who hasn't been with everybody..
Who when I see the cons..they see the pros
Who when I see a dead dark flower..they see a beautiful white rose..
Who when I see the dark..they see the light
Who will tell me 'You'll make it' even when I no longer want to fight
Someone to balance the high with the lows..
And to help remind me...that dreams are something we should never let go..
Your dreams are something you should never let go..~

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