Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Say My Name

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Appreciate the ones who bring you joy..when you feel pain
For the ones who treat you better..even though when it comes down to it..we are all the same~
You just hope they will remember your face if you've met before,but how much would it hurt if somehow they forgot your name
Nothing was same,we were serious it's like every things a game
When love turns to like..isn't it such a shame..
Promised myself after last would be the last reason I would think get on a plane

Where do we go from here
You want to go there...I want to stay here
You want it all..I'm willing to share
But no one said love or life is fair
Does anyone truly care?

These other folks don't mean a thing
They only sing when everyone else around them is willing to sing
They only are there,when everyone else will be there
What I'm trying to say is..they only care when it's beneficial to care
The one's who walk in,when the rest of the world walks out
Those are the real friends & family..I'm willing to pour my heart out
The people who you're scared to live without
Because a loss of them,would be a death to you no doubt
We may be far away,but deep within our souls we are never apart

Look Ahead,tell me what you see..
Are you who you want to be
Are you doing what you dream to do
Are you treating every day brand new
Do you believe things will get better or just worse
Time can be the biggest blessing,or a haunting curse
Look how far you came
Don't stop searching until you find that one person, whose heart says 'Love' when they hear your name
if thats you,then...
Say my name..Say my name..*
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