Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Faded too long..

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Making the best out of these days, since we never know when we'll come back..
Our nights fade into our days
And we just want shorter days & longer nights
They say if you stay true to who you are
Then you'll be alright
We take pictures to remember the moments
Don't wait for life to give you chances, you have to earn it
Do you, live free & have fun
Just don't forget about the ones who were there when it all begun~

Looking in my past,I can see what's behind me
With hopes of only happiness trying to find me
If I had any last words to my little would be always keep your head up
And always believe in you...these people would do anything to mess your head up
Don't be afraid to be a leader,because all the world has now is clones
Let the truth be told,since now lies are the only thing one knows
The truth is I left because I had to get away
But saying goodbye to the family was one of the hardest things I had to say
I think about giving yall the world every other day
And for the Lord to continue blessing us..if he may
It's never too late to start get a new chance every single day
I promise I won't stop moving forward until I feel we'll be ok
If you ever get to the point when you feel your at the end of your road,know there is a
better way
When it feels like no one will listen,always remember to pray
Home is where the heart it is..and that's where it will always stay..
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