Thursday, May 16, 2013


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'When you start helping yourself,you start the process of becoming your own inspiration.
How inspiring are you with yourself?
If your not,why?'

I rarely look at you..
Don't take this the wrong way
But sometimes I just don't know know what to do with you..
All the ups & down..we've been through..
And you'll still here...but my reflection still isn't clear
I can see myself looking back at me..but still not sure if I'm truly there
Because a part of me is always gone
No matter how right...I still feel I was always wrong
It's been about 22 years..and we're just starting to get along
who knew it would take this long?

Things don't happen as fast as we like them to
People aren't as truthful as we would like them to
Love never last as long as we need it to
Death comes too fast as we would want it to
Is it possible to have a mouth that only speaks lies..but
still retain an heart that's pure & solely true
I haven't heard what I needed in so long
A true 'I love you'
22 years..I didn't think it would take this long..

We count the days..but why count the time
I just want to give you my heart..but I need you to promise yours will be mine
Even on the darkest days..a light is somewhere to be found
Love is the loudest,when the mouths are silent..and only two heartbeats can make a sound
I'm never here for too long,someone or something just always seems to send me away
And it always happens..the moment, I think love has found a way..
But I just leave it to God's hands..because I know I'm destined to be okay
I can talk for days & days..but when I'm in the mirror..I just don't know what to say
Waiting for that moment..when all the pieces of this puzzle are there..o that would be the day
We are seeing things eye to eye at the moment...please don't look away
You're all I could ever need..please don't go away..~
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