Thursday, November 24, 2011

Sure Thing

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So here we a place I cant describe
where one heart hears the other one knocking so the first heart decides to hide
but you cant hide forever....all things come to light
been having alot of rainy days....but everything we be alright
so look outside the window and tell me what you see
life promised me a sure I wonder what that will be
will I become rich?famous?or just an undiscovered soul
I just driving on the highway to heaven....trying to skip the toll
because I've given so much to people....almost feels like there is nothing left
everyday has its I guess there must be something left....

I wish you could hear the words my heart has to say...
Even if when we talk......our conversation's don't always end the right way
Not point of simply casting away our hope,and trying to dash faith away
Nothing set in stone...but you have my word.... in my thoughts you will forever stay....

Love me while I'm here....then go ahead & hate me when I'm gone
Sorry for the wait....never expected things to take so long
The sun's coming out....we can make it a beautiful day
Happy Thanksgiving...I hope you all just take a little moment to pray
Be thankful for what you have.....and even for what you've lost
Since sometimes it takes losing something very help us realize we've been lost
Lost in sin,Lost in Hate,Lost in Love....One day we'll all sit among the stars....No, we'll sit high, high above

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One this day everyone....take a close note to the ones who try to make you laugh & smile everyday. Remember the ones who only wanted/wants the best for you....Because those are the ones who actually care....If your close to a loved one or friend...hug them, write them a something to let them know you care...Because those of us who are the military...give up holidays like you can live without fear....One sure thing before I go....The world may not be a perfect place...But never ever.....let go
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1 comment:

  1. Beautiful. Speechless. It's wonderful like you Thomas. I adore you.

    Happy Thanksgiving and again, I wont ever.... let go