Thursday, August 25, 2011

In My Zone

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So....I'm sitting here in my zone,
Almost time for me to go,so I slowly remove myself from the throne,
Looking at the pieces to our puzzle realized you did it all on your own,
You feel safe but then everythings broken like a earthquake hitting your own home,
A place I made for myself,Another place I set for you,
It's moments like this when all the time is running out,
so we sometimes forget the correct things to do,
I take a deep breath....& do my best to close my eyes,
But I cant seem to dream,since your the best....and I hope you realize,
Everything you did.....Everything you done,
Calling you the first time was hard for me,but saying goodbye is never fun,
Just the sound of your voice,always made everything better...
As I fast forward to basic training,I'm slowly awaiting your letter,
You were always so much trouble,You were always so rude,
Something about that sweet attitude that always kept me glued,
I wish we could lay together forever.....and never ever move,
Since when we're together...the mood always starts to improve,
I would die for you....just so I can prove,
That once were in my zone...even death is something you can elude,
So if you have something to say ...please say something before I go....Even if I don't want to say yes...
I will never say no..
All these people I'm forced to let go....teaches me life is full with problems & that is all I know,
I hope when I see you again...things will still feel the same,
Looks like my heart's been scribbled over....with writing of different fonts of your name,
Which helps dilutes the pain,without love or music....I would of never stayed sane,
"If you love something,set it free, if it come back it's yours,if it doesn't,it never was"I just keep replaying  that saying..
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